Mr Waller


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

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Mr. Waller

Andrew Waller established his boutique design practice, specialising in interior architecture and design, and furniture design, in 2003. His passion for craftsmanship, which imbues his work with a sense of clear function, purity of material and attention to detail, has led to both industry recognition and a broad and loyal client base.

Waller graduated with a BA (Hons) Architecture from the John Moores University Liverpool, UK, where he won the Art in Architecture prize for outstanding design concept. Soon after, drawn by the open spaces and unique light, he moved to Australia, where he worked as a design consultant, interior designer and furniture designer before establishing his eponymous studio.

In that Sydney-based practice, Waller relishes the opportunity to combine his multidisciplinary skills and experience. While he trained as an architect, he has chosen to concentrate on internal spaces. “I developed a passion for craftsmanship within built spaces and decided to focus on interiors, where I am able to fully realise my designs,” he says. 

As an interior architect, he undertakes spatial planning, 3D modelling, interior design and custom joinery design. On that canvas, he will layer the decoration to create customised interiors that reflect his clients’ diverse requirements. “My approach is always project specific,” he says, “uniquely tailored to the client, the site and the location. It is about creating liveable, inviting spaces within defined parameters.”

Forever embracing fresh challenges, Waller has kept his portfolio diverse, working across residential, retail and commercial projects. But they share the fact they are all developed in free-flowing collaboration with the clients and realised through a team of highly skilled artisans, contractors and builders, selected to reflect his design ethos.

Waller’s creativity, meticulous attention to detail and astute interpretation of his clients’ needs have attracted major media coverage, locally and internationally. One common theme runs throughout. “In their use of natural materials, with a strong bias to the handmade and their genesis in the age-old tradition of craftsmanship, my designs clearly express how they are made,” he says.