Mr Waller

Parma Cafe

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Parma cafe, Wollongong, NSW

Yellow furnishings and finishes bring sunshine into this cafe located within the Wollongong Central shopping centre. Instead of a grab-bag of separate tables, the cafe features a large communal table to provide a cleaner, structured look, while also fostering interaction between patrons. A second structured seating area wraps around the service kiosk and visually links the two dining areas. A strong overlay of materials, texture and form gives definition to the small space so it stands out among many competing visual stimuli – sunflower yellow Tolix chairs and subway tiles reference Wollongong’s relaxed beachside location, while contrasting black and grey counterpoints lend urban cred.


Floor plan, joinery, furniture specification and custom designed furniture, finishes, equipment specification, signage.

Photography: Jason Busch

Text: Chris Pearson