Mr Waller

Mao & More

Kiaora Development Double Bay
Floor area 96m2

Retail design for the fashion home wares group:


floor plan, joinery, bespoke display fixtures, imported custom display fixture, lighting, shopfront, signage and finishes



Nick Watt

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_Mao & More 02 final 550.jpg

Mao & More retail store, Surry Hills, NSW

Visitors to this Chinese emporium, showcasing Mao & More’s eclectic array of Oriental antiques, collectables and curiosities, see red – in all its splendour. In this gallery-cum-retail space, theatrical design elements tease the senses. Dramatic communist banners, in red silk, create a fluidity throughout, while furniture in clusters adds to a seemingly haphazard maze that’s in reality carefully considered. Eclectic lighting such as Chinese lanterns, floor lamps and bare-bulb pendants helps set the exotic, heady tone of old Shanghai.

Work list:

Retail concept development, premises selection and consultation, floor plan, display fixtures, lighting, styling

Photography: Georgia Moxham

Text: Chris Pearson