Mr Waller
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Zjoosh Flagship

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Zjoosh flagship store, Double Bay, NSW 

Elegant Dior-grey walls, joinery layered with gold accents, chandeliers, herringbone parquetry and dusty pink drapery entice customers into Zjoosh women’s fashion accessories and homewares stores. Waller developed the glamorous, boudoir-style design language and interior branding for the chain of 12 outlets across NSW, including this 96-square-metre Double Bay flagship. He masterminded the entire process, including original concept, detailed production drawings, obtaining council and complying development approvals and project management. In all stores, Parisian-style panelled walls, parquetry and muted lighting frame a mixture of bespoke ornate joinery and crisp contemporary display shelving. Specific product display fixtures included a beauty bar, cube display shelving fixtures, sales counter, display tables and apparel display.   



floor plan, joinery, bespoke display fixtures, imported custom display fixture, lighting, shopfront, signage and finishes


Photography: Nick Watt

Text: Chris Pearson